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Dolly passed away Dec. 12, 2000 and is greatly missed by all who knew, and loved her.
Meet Candy.


Gretsky left us on January 7, 2004. He is missed, greatly.
Read his story by clicking on his picture.


Meet Chico

Click here to find links to Animal Rescue Agencies and Foundations.....Maybe you'll find a new lifetime companion..... Dolly
Meet Rosko , a very lucky Great Pyrenees. He was rescued by two lovely people, Bohdan & Halyna Klid in February 2002. You can see by that smile on Rosko's face that he knows exactly how lucky he is.


Here is the most recent picture of Rosko..he looks like a dog who has found his true niche in life.

The smiles say it all,on both Bohdan and Rosko!!!