Chico News.
We , recently, made a decision to find Chico a new family. It wasn't an easy decision, because, in spite of all the teasing we do about him, we love him dearly. He is like a miniature person in a green , feathered, suit!!

The decision was made to find him a new home because we have to do some travelling soon and, although we can take Candy with us, Cheeks isn't partial to car rides!! We , also, have not been able to give him the attention he wants, needs and deserves.
One day, while David was struggling with his homework, Chico was calling (and I lose the term loosely!) for us to come and play, or, at least talk to him. He was very loud, and persistent and David was saying that he just couldn't concentrate because of the noise. At that point I said "maybe I should see if anyone on Freecycle Calgary would like him."

  • David said..."What's that?"
I said " It is a site where you can give stuff away, or let people know if you need something. You can't sell, or ask/offer money for anything though...strictly giveaways "
  • "Oh" said David, "I'll think about it."
"Okay" said I, and that is where we left it!
Now, I don't believe in 'true' co-incidences....really. Well, sort of! Anyway, when checking my email , later on that day, there was a request from a freecycle Calgary member. It was amazing.
Wow! This lady was asking for a parrot! So, I showed it to David and he suggested we email back about Cheeky.
To make a long story short. Chico has been at his new home for about 12 days now. We are very grateful to his new family and hope he, and they,are adjusting well.
Chico is missed. He is such a little clown and full of bravado and personality.
We pray he is happy and basking in attention from a very special family of animal lovers.
This is Chico's Page..
and Chico is a Conure, which translated means NOISY!!!
(in my opinion)
click on any of these pictures to see an enlargement

Here he is watching very closely to make sure we take this photo of his 'best' side !!!!

We think he considers us his 'poopons' because of what he does to our shoulders when going for a ride around the house!  You could say that he is sort of paper trained now though. When his cage is opened he hops out and sits on his perch on the outside. Then he ruffles his feathers and 'delicately' drops his waste on the paper beneath the perch.
He seems to enjoy proclaiming loudly his success until he gets a slice of Granny Smith apple....(personally, I, feel it is probably due to these apples that he is able to perform so admirably!!!)
Chico must have thought we couldn't find him amongst the Lilies!
Here is a picture of Chico attempting to break into the crystal display didn't work...his claw got stuck in the hinge. He was not impressed!
This is one of the best pictures of Chico that we have......doesn't he look 'sweet'? Well, looks can be me!
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