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After our wonderful dog,Dolly, passed away it didn't take long before we realised that our house needed another canine. No we didn't want to 'replace' Dolly. That would be impossible. She was so special and unique to us and irreplaceable. We wanted a new dog, one which would find it's place in our hearts, as Dolly did many years ago. It wasn't in our plans to get a dog before New Years...but, you know how the saying goes.."the best laid plans of mice and men......"

Calgary Humane Society (SPCA) ,
The City of Calgary Animal Services
ARF the Animal Rescue Foundation
Southern Alberta Greyhound Association

When planning to adopt a rescued animal, please realise that, what may appear to be, very stringent criteria is extremely necessary.
It is important for both the potential new 'family' and adoption agency to be absolutely sure of the decision, before an adoption goes through.
For any animal ,which has been traumatized, (and most of these critters have been in one way or another)to be returned and have to begin the process anew, because they just don't 'fit', is unfair and causes only more trauma.
So, realize please, that the criteria is there to provide the best life for the animals, and a good companion for the new family. Be patient, you'll reap the benefits in more ways than one.

Each day I would look up the various animal adoption sites in Calgary,and check out just what was available.
Oh, there were fluffy dogs, big dogs, little dogs, injured and fixed up dogs, puppies and adults..but only one really caught my heart. She was number one on the Animal Services page. Her description said she was a Collie/Lab cross, however that proved to be incorrect. She is more than that.
She appears to be Shepherd/Collie/Rotti/Lab cross ....with possibly a few more breeds included in the mix! We refer to her, when asked , as "Love in a fur coat".
This is the picture that greeted me each time I looked at the page. Look at those eyes.....don't they just pull on the heartstrings? Well, they did on mine..and on David's too. So, we decided that I should go and see what she was like.
What was she like? Well, picture an energizer battery with fur! Yep, that would be her. She came into the adoption room, with Lisa her handler, and had to sniff every corner. Then she noticed me. Hmmm, she looked and came bounding over tail wagging and with a big smile on her face. She sort of stood on my lap and leaned against me very gently. That was it, she had to be ours, no ifs, ands or buts.
Lisa took the dog back to the kennel and I went to the front desk to see to the paperwork. After receiving the six month licence, dog adoption kit with a wealth of information for new dog owners as well as a poop bag and small leash..The clerk told me where to pick the dog up after her spay operation the next day then leaving the shelter I drove home full of excitement and anticipation.
The next afternoon after impatiently tending to some errands I drove to the Animal Clinic,on ninth avenue downtown,to pick up our new family member. Nope, we didn't have a name picked out, but that would come. She was led out of the vet's office wearing a huge opaque collar (so that she couldn't get at her stitches) and it was not easy to navigate wearing that thing. Well, we got out to the car and I helped her in. Seeing how awkward it was for her to wear the collar I removed it and she sat up looking out of the window with bright , interested eyes.
We got home and there was David and his son, Dan, waiting our arrival. They were sure tickled to meet this lovely lady. As they petted her we all noticed how sweet she was. Every one who had been in contact with her had said what a 'sweet' dog she was. So, then it came to me. Here it was Christmas (well the 20th of December) and she was sweet ...what about Candy?
You know, like in Christmas Candy or Candy Cane....So, she is officially Candy Marshall and well on her way to becoming an integral part of this family.
Candy when she was first 'home'
Candy January 2001
Candy has become a Flames Fan
My Flames Fan