A bit about us.....

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David was a movie Projectionist and is a,retired, member of IATSE local 302 Alberta; Pat is a retired Telephone Operator(AGT/Telus) . We celebrate wedding anniversary each September 2, and have been together ever since we 'met', on a (now defunct) local BBS called Chat-Line, in Calgary on August 3, 1993. I suppose you could say "we let our fingers do the talking!!". Pat needed help with DOS 6 and David had the talent to fix the problem and , obviously, ......much much more!!!!
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There has always been a deep and abiding love of animals within my soul. Thanks to a wonderful (paternal) Grandmother (in England) I learned to appreciate and respect all they are. If things had been different in my younger years I would now be a Vet. However, careers such as those (or any careers other than that of wife and mother) were not to be encouraged. Maybe, in my next life my dream will be realized!
Back in 1999 I had a wee run in with Breast Cancer......DCIS was the official name. If you'd like to know more about what happened....click here.
Talk about 'if it ain't one thing , it's another' . In March 2003 I became sort of 'bionic'......my right hip was replaced with a titanium one . (click on the link to see the x-ray)Sometimes it appears to set off an alarm as I ,either enter, or leave a store!!!! (a local Home Depot) Hope it never happens if we go flying!
All kidding aside though, this is like a miracle for me. For close to two years the pain in the hip and leg, when trying to walk, was incredible. Although, I tried to convince myself and my Doctor (Bensler) that the problem was simply that the driver's seat in my car wouldn't move closer therefore I had to really stretch to reach the accelerator!! Surely, this just caused my leg muscles to stretch more than normal......and this was why I hurt so much!!!
Dr. B knew better, and finally (when I left my little world of denial) sent me to Dr. DeSouza (an Orthopaedic Surgeon) and he eventually put the new hip in. What a difference a piece of steel makes, eh? Although , at this date (May 24,2003) I still need the cane now and then, and tend to walk a bit 'funny' at times.......the bone on bone pain is gone, and I feel 'mahvellous dahling'! Thank goodness for modern medicine.
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Here it is , 2006. Wow, where have the years gone? Damned if I know! This year is proving to be quite an interesting for us. First, me, who suffers from social anxiety (it has other names, but suffice to say.....I do not really enjoy being out of my house, my comfort zone) suddenly realised that I 'needed' to go 'home' for a visit. Where is home? Well, my birthplace is a little place in England called Liphook . My Mum had to go there to give birth to me, her first, because Portsmouth , where she and Dad lived at the time, was in the German sites and was being bombed regularly; so Mum had to be evacuated to Liphook.
We left England in 1957 and I had never been back since landing here as a child of almost 14 years. Over the years the pangs of homesickness had never occurred. I would tell anyone who would listen that 'there was no way I wanted to go back, even for a visit. My comments were usually , "I prefer to live with my memories of the way England was and don't want to see all the changes". However. This was the year the pull of the old country came to me.

One day, early this year, my cousin, Pam's, partner, Derrick (Del), and I were chatting on the phone when I said that we were thinking of coming there for a visit. Wow, talk about excitement. Derrick asked when the trip might be made and I said....well, sometime in June maybe. Great ,said Del, (his nickname) you know, Pam and I have been wanting to get married, but just never seem to make the time. It would be nice to arrange the wedding for when you and David are here!!!!! Well, what a wonderful idea that was. Pam thought so too, when she got home that is.She had been out running an errand and came in the door just when Del and I were finishing our conversation. He asked me to hang on for a moment, then told Pam what we were talking about.....wow.....all of a sudden my beloved cousin is on the phone shouting "yes, yes, yes". Was she ever excited. It was a truly magnificent moment.
So, fast forward a couple of months and David tells me that he won't be able to come. Damnit....says me...why not???? Well, the reason is good really. We had also decided at this time, that we would get a house put out on our daughter and son-in-law's acreage (their idea) and David didn't think he could spare the time right then.
After thinking about this turn of events, I decided to take my anxieties in check and take this plunge on my own. So, here we go.....click here to read about my trip 'across the pond
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Our New Home

In January 2007 we, officially, moved from Calgary to the hamlet of Carseland, Alberta. It is a little place, for now...although, of course, it is in line for development in the near future. Everything has to grow, I suppose. We, don't live in the Hamlet itself, but, on an acreage about 5 minutes from there.

Our daughter , Dale, and her family, bought an acreage a few years ago and suggested that we might like to live near them. Once permission , from Wheatland County, to place another house on their property, was gained. We began planning.
Our home was purchased from a storage lot in Calgary. York - Shaw Building Movers in 2006.
It is a three bedroom bungalow, and, we found out later, came ,originally, from an area in Calgary known as Ramsay. We were able to purchase it, and have it delivered to the acreage, for $23,000..all inclusive.
An area was excavated and our basement built, then, the house was put on top of the foundation. Pretty amazing, in our opinion, to be able to buy a house in Calgary, and have it moved to our rural area.
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