I couldn't believe it...here I was sitting on a plane....watching Canada disappear while we flew over Greenland (well, I think that is what it was, there was a lot of ice anyway!!) . It was really happening. My trip home, to England, and family, had begun. Was it scary to be by myself on that plane? No way. Like my Dad I love planes and science. It , to me, is still marvelous that something that big, can stay up in the air, let alone carry hundreds of people at the same time. So, being on an aeroplane is wonderful.
Luckily, I had been able to choose my seat in advance and had the coveted window seat. Well, coveted by me anyway! With digital and video cameras ready.....my travel 'diary' had begun.

Leaving Calgary airport , the clouds looked ominous...but, it was a lovely lift off....for me anyway!!
Flying over (Greenland?) was amazing...I didn't even realize we were going to fly in that direction!!
Wow, flying over London...note the four bridges on the Thames..what a sight...my excitement was building..
Landing at Heathrow, I could see the reflection of 'my' plane in one of the buildings.Not sure just which building it is..but, well, it sure was cool to see that image.
The efficiency and speed, at both airports, at getting me on, and off of the plane was wonderful. I was very impressed. Yes, there was heightened security at each end, but, nothing that caused any distress. Bravo to both countries.The only anxiety , for me, was the final waiting area (in Canada) lounge before embarking. The room was enclosed, or seemed that way to me, and full of people. I felt very 'trapped'!! Not too pleasant, but, was manageable. Just as my tension was building, it was time to board the plane, and from then on....well, it was terrific. What a feeling! Exhilaration is the only word to describe it.