Our Family.....in Alberta, and other parts of Canada

This page will, eventually, be a photo album to show off our family..by clicking on a picture you will, in most cases, be linked to a larger view.
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In some parts of this family of ours talents rise to the surface. Sometimes they are good tasting too!!! Check out
Dale-Kathleen's cakes
.....and these are just a sample of what she can do! She is one talented lady.
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Below, a picture of Patricia, taken in 1959. This was my last school photo taken at Humberside Collegiate Institute

Seen here, john was in a sanatorium known as 'theWhite House'.
After my sister, Eleanor, died a spot on John's lung was detected. He was sent to the 'san' for treatment of TB. He was around 4 or 5 at the time....and so small.

Above, my Mother, Kathleen, and my brother , John, in 1958. Both of them loved to swim and this photo was taken at Sibbald Point in Ontario

John loved all animals, and they loved him. This picture was taken around 1958-59. Soon after we came to Canada.
Patricia 1959

Christmas 1951..John & 'Tricia stand, shivering, outside to get our picture taken.Brrr.
Eleanor at about 2 and a half
this is a photo (one of the last taken I believe) of my little sister. Eleanor was three when she died of Tubercular Meningitis. She was an angel on earth.

it's Mine I tell you...grrrrrr!

This is a picture of Tika and Max..two Standard Poodles owned by the Dales' Turner. This pix shows that they play a really competitive tug 'o' war.

no more photos...please

This is Sean, asking me, Pat, to not take any more photos...this is Christmas Day 1999.....

no nan.......I said no...now you can't see me!!!!

Obviously, I didn't listen.....much to the delight of his brother, Adam, and his Dad (Dale)

Jasmine and Jacqui Christmas 1999

Jasmine & Jacqui Christmas 1999
Braiden is a Green Belt in Hopkido

Braiden is a Green Belt in Hopkido.

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Cutting the Cake

David & Pat September 2, 1995

David's sister, Brenda, with her kitten

David's sister, Brenda, with her kitten.....cute , eh?

Pat & MumA mother in law like no other...she showed me a true mother's love

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  David & Anthony..in deep convo! In early 2002 (I think) Summertime..David and Anthony relax on the swingset.  


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