When television stations put their station I.D. in the bottom right corner of the screen? Geez....do you think that, maybe, I don't know what station was chosen? Duh!!!!!! Is this really necessary???I don't think so.
Drivers who pass me in a playground or school zone and give me the finger for going 'too slow'!
Nose Hairs!!!!
Sports commentators who are so impressed with their own importance; they prattle on through plays that are important, to tell us anecdotes (and little known facts)that most of us don't care to hear about.
Cyclists who press the 'walk' button at stop lights or crosswalk lights......then cycle across the road. The walk light, and crosswalk indicators, are for PEDESTRIANS only. So, get off your bike.......and walk!!
People who ignore their children's questions. Whether at home ,or in public, it is still rude. They wouldn't do it to an adult would they?
When the word 'ignorant' is used to indicate rudeness in a person. Is it lack of knowledge!!!
Parents who give in to emotional intimidation by their children. You know, when the child screams and yells when told NO to a want when in public (supermarkets, toy stores etc:). The parent gives them what they want.....instead of what they NEED (which is to be removed immediately from the situation - leave everything and TAKE THEM HOME!). You can always go shopping, but don't get that many opportunities to teach a child good manners!!!
Drivers who speed up rather than let another car merge!!! I find that these drivers usually only manage to beat the others to the next red light...or stop sign!
Anyone who tell lies.
Teachers who use sarcasm, humiliation and bullying as teaching tools.
Poor spelling skills. I once saw a billboard advertising some land for sale. The word acre had been spelled acer then 'whited' out with paint! Titles misspelled on television news stories get me 'agitated', especially when it is someone's name!
When the 'F' word is used as an adjective, noun,adverb, verb, pronoun etc. In my opinion it means that the speaker hasn't the intelligence to use the correct language.
To see young people smoking. They don't realise that they look silly and not 'grown up' at all. If only they could see into their future health problems caused by smoke.
Political correctness. It benefits no one and creates reverse discrimination.